GPS Connect

L'animation-jeu La Forêt des Rastelloù

Take part in a frantic race across the esplanade of the Radôme with this geolocation puzzle inspired by urban games.

Equipped with a GPS smartphone, you move physically around the grounds and virtually on the screen in the form of your avatar. You are on a mission to help the Intergalactic brotherhood to repair their satellite network. Collect the pieces you need then zap the satellites to repair them. Race your friends to see who wins the trophy.

A game based on augmented reality.

Augmented reality refers to the various methods of embedding or juxtaposing virtual objects or information within a series of real images. When the player collects a tool, they film their environment and other virtual tools fall downwards. The aim is to fill your toolbox with as many objects as possible by moving the smartphone in the right direction.

The game is perfect for all the family, and lots of fun and laughter is guaranteed!