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The Radôme

A space station amid the Breton moors

It was here in Pleumeur-Bodou, in the heart of the Pink Granite Coast, that France erected a gigantic horn antenna weighing 340 tons, housed inside the “Radôme”, an enormous 50m-high sphere.

On 11 July 1962, the antenna received the very first televised images to be beamed live from the United States. This was a world first which marked the birth of worldwide satellite broadcasting and paved the way for space telecommunications.

A fascinating sound and light show

Relive the birth of space telecommunications as if you were there. Video screenings, a multicolour laser system, mapping, lights and music… a fascinating sound and light show screened in the very heart of the Radôme. Thrills and excitement guaranteed, in a venue which is truly unique and steeped in history!

Hall d'accueil du RadômeA trip back in time to the 1960s

In the hall of the Radôme, an original retrospective invites you to step back in time with photos, videos and documentaries from the era in a typical 1960s setting.





July and August, show in English version on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2.30 p.m.