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Groupe scolaire à la Cité des télécoms

Europe’s largest centre dedicated to telecommunications

A place of history and an interactive window into the future, the Cité des Télécoms is a perfect teaching tool, with a strong emphasis on discovery through play and experimentation. Workshops, permanent and temporary exhibitions, shows under the Radôme… the Cité des Télécoms has put together special tour packages to suit the different school levels.

Telecommunications exhibitions and an immersion in 1962 under the Radôme

On over 3000 m² of exhibition space, featuring a new and highly original layout, pupils can explore the world of submarine and space telecommunications, and take a look behind the scenes of the digital world… Under the Radôme, the gigantic 50-metre tall white bubble, an immersion in 1962 to relive the history of this utterly unique historic monument!

Practical workshops

In addition to exhibition tours, the Cité des Télécoms offers a wide range of workshops on topics such as renewable energy, digital technology and robotics. The two fully equipped multimedia rooms and the brand new TV studio provide amazing facilities for students.

An “à la carte” deal for visitors

The Cité des Télécoms welcomes tens of thousand of pupils every year. Over the course of a half-day, a day, or longer, we can help you plan a personalised schedule for your visit, in line with your precise teaching requirements and the level of your pupils. All our events are presented by bilingual employees of the Cité des Télécoms.


To ensure the best service, please book as early as possible. We will look at our availabilities and your date and time requirements in order to organise the content of your visit. Free quote on request.

Tel: +33 2 96 46 63 81

10 € per pupil for 2 hours

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