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The group activity guide 2022

Un groupe fait marche vers la Cité des télécoms

A brand new “à la carte” deal for visitors

A show under the Radôme, visits to exhibitions on the history of telecommunications, about the human voice or the digital world, a guided tour on your own bus, a high-tech outdoor game… for your visit, you can now put together your own entirely personalised schedule to suit your own preferences!

Many themes to discover


THE Voice (60mins)

A selection of familiar items and topics are here for you to discover with examples from art, science and technology. Enjoy the chance to transform, explore, and play around with your own voice.

A production Cité des sciences


Spectacle son et lumière sous le RadômeTHE SHOW UNDER THE RADÔME (30 MINS)

A fascinating sound and light show under the huge white bubble of the Radôme. Thrills and excitement guaranteed, in a venue which is truly unique and steeped in history!



Le tour de l'antenneTOUR OF THE ANTENNA (30 MINS)

An antenna tour which will allow you to get up close and personal with this 340-ton metal construction!




Circuit commenté à bord de votre carTHE GUIDED TOUR ON YOUR OWN BUS (30 MINS)

A chance to hear some remarkable anecdotes and surprising facts about the construction of the Radôme in 1962.




Le Murmure des mondesTHE MURMUR OF THE WORLD (30 MINS)

Relive the 150-year history of telecommunications through this audiovisual projection on giant screens, and discover the men and inventions behind the construction of our communication society.




An incredible journey through time and technologies on over 3000 m² of exhibition space, featuring a new and highly original layout.



Mission gpsTHE GPS MISSION (60 MINS)

Divided into teams, you must try to decipher a secret message. But the route has lots of pitfalls… A high-tech treasure hunt providing a fun, interactive approach to the world of telecoms and GPS.