Unexpected treasures A historic collection

For the passionate, the curious or the nostalgic!

More than 150 telephones, four phone boxes, several payphones, 700 phone cards, and an array of old, enamel signs.
Discover some of the unexpected treasures from the Orange Group’s historic collection.


Big or small, wood or bakelite, dial or push-button…discover every type of phone you could imagine, from the oldest (the Graham Bell system) to the most recent, from fine works of art to amusing baubles…
Payphones and phone boxes
It wasn’t so long ago that you needed to drop a few coins into a payphone in order to make a call…yet it seems so distant now.

Phone cards

Phone cards have long been a reflection of our society over the years, providing an illustrated record of contemporary products, notable events, new exhibitions and much more. Take a stroll through memory lane with our collection of 700 cards.