Minitel: the French exception

Le Minitel, l'exception française

Minitel: forerunner of the internet?

Minitel was a teleprocessing terminal composed of a monitor, keyboard and internal modem. It was designed to receive pages of information containing text and basic graphic illustrations. Created in the early 1980s, Minitel was a huge success, although only in France. The French Minitel system was not exported to other countries, but it can now be said that Minitel prepared France for the internet.

Plusieurs générations de Minitel30 years in existence, and many different models

Discover the many models of this terminal, from the Minitel 1 to the ABCD keyboard of the Minitel 12, combining the functions of a Minitel and a sophisticated phone able to receive communications, display a home page, and save a written message left by another person.

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